Evropska četrt 049: Madžarska

Foto: Andrew Kondrakov via Unsplash.

Po Italiji in Hrvaški tokrat podrobneje pogledamo stanje na Madžarskem. O stanju v gospodarstvu, na področju medijev in vladanju premierja Orbana se pogovarjamo s profesorico zgodovine in blogerko Evo S. Balogh.


Evropska četrt
Evropska četrt

Vse, kar vas bo zanimalo o Evropski Uniji, pa niste vedeli, koga vprašati. Evropsko četrt vodita Nataša Briški in Aljaž Pengov Bitenc.


EVA S. BALOGH – Spent her early years in Pécs after which she spent little over two years in Budapest as a university student studying Hungarian literature. After the failure of the Hungarian revolution in 1956 she became one of those 200,000 Hungarians who were scattered around the globe from Austria to Australia.

She ended up in Canada where after acquiring the knowledge of English, she received her B.A. in History at Carleton University, Ottawa. She continued her studies at Yale University where she received an M.A. in Russian and East European Studies and a Ph.D. in History. Her chief field of interest is Hungarian history between the two world wars. After completing her degree, she stayed on at Yale, teaching East European history, history of World War I, and a seminar on nationalism. In addition to teaching, she also served as dean of Morse College, one of the 14 colleges of Yale College.

Ever since of the early 1990s she has been following closely the political developments of Hungary and in 2007 decided to start an English-language blog devoted to the subject. Since then Hungarian Spectrum has become an important source of information on the subject. On Twitterju you may find her at @esbalogh.


Evropska četrt – vse, kar vas bo zanimalo o Evropski uniji, pa niste vedeli, koga vprašati. Podkast vodita Nataša Briški in Aljaž Pengov Bitenc. Podkast sofinancira Ministrstvo za kulturo RS.

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