Evropska četrt 078: On the Rule of Law in the EU with Roland Freudenstein

Foto: Christian Lue via Unsplash.

On the state of the rule of law in the EU and illiberal tendencies in Hungary, Poland and the case of Slovenia.


Evropska četrt
Evropska četrt

Vse, kar vas bo zanimalo o Evropski Uniji, pa niste vedeli, koga vprašati. Evropsko četrt vodita Nataša Briški in Aljaž Pengov Bitenc.


ROLAND FREUDENSTEINGrew up in West Germany, did his military service at NATO HQ in Belgium and studied political science, economics, Japan studies and international relations in Bonn and Los Angeles.

He has worked at the German Council on Foreign Relations, the European Commission in Brussels, the Konrad Adenauer Foundation in Warsaw and Berlin, the Hamburg State Government and the Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies in Brussels.

Since October 2021 he is Vice President of GLOBSEC, Central Europe’s biggest think tank, and Head of GLOBSEC Brussels.


Podcast European Quarter (orig. Evropska četrt) is moderated by Nataša Briški and Aljaž Pengov Bitenc.


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