Evropska četrt 107: Lessons from Norway – Achieving gender equality in politics

Photo: Mikita Karasiou on Unsplash.

With Signe Bock Segaard, senior research fellow at the Institute for Social Research (Oslo, Norway), about the state of gender equality in Norwegian politics.

We discuss the regulation in place to deal with inequalities and systemic shortcomings, representation of female politicians in Norwegian national as well as local politics and political activation among young voters.

#EvropskaČetrt S06E09

Evropska četrt
Evropska četrt

Vse, kar vas bo zanimalo o Evropski Uniji, pa niste vedeli, koga vprašati. Evropsko četrt vodita Nataša Briški in Aljaž Pengov Bitenc.


Signe Bock Segaard (photo via Institute for social research).

SIGNE BOCK SEGAARD – Senior research fellow at the Institute for Social Research, Oslo, Norway. Her research interests include local democracy, elections, representation, and voter behavior. Currently, Segaard is project leader (together with Jo Saglie) for the Norwegian Local Election Studies, and she participates in the Norwegian National Election Studies as well.

Her publications include the articles ‘Why Norway has more female local councillors than Denmark: a crack in the Nordic gender equality model?’ (West European Politics, 2022); ‘A gender-generation gap in political representation? The contingent impact of preference voting in Norwegian municipal elections’ (Local Government Studies, 2021); and ‘When do consultative referendums improve democracy? Evidence from local referendums in Norway’ (International Political Science Review, 2021).



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The podcast is moderated by Nataša Briški and Aljaž Pengov Bitenc.

This podcast episode is supported by the Norwegian Embassy in Budapest and the EEA and Norway Grants. The opinions, findings expressed herein are those of the Authors and do not necessarily reflect those of the Norwegian Embassy in Budapest.

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