MD 031: From Finland with love

Kalle Soikkanen (left), Tapio Bergholm (right). Photo by Pekka Metso.

Join us in a discussion about gender equality in Finland and find out more on what do recruiters look for when searching for candidates for executive positions. What are the questions asked, why some situations require gender quotas and others not so much. Guests are gender specialists from Finland, senior researcher Tapio Bergholm and executive recruiter Kalle Soikkanen.

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Kalle SOIKKANEN – Partner at Stanton Chase Helsinki Executive Recruiter in Helsinki, helping companies recruit top-performing executives. He has over twenty years of experience in Finland’s international business community. Prior to working for several years at the Confederation of the Employers and KOP Bank, he had 17 years of service in the consumer products industry with listed global companies. Kalle had been responsible for Administration, Corporate Affairs, Legal Affairs, HR and Communications within these companies.

Tapio BERGHOLM – Senior Researcher at Central Organisation of Finnish Trade Unions. Responsible for equality matters. Also writing history of organisation. Member of Council for Gender Equality.

Kalle Soikkanen (left), Tapio Bergholm (right). Photo by Pekka Metso.
Kalle Soikkanen (left), Tapio Bergholm (right). Photo by Pekka Metso.


Nataša Briški (foto: Grega Žunič/Viva)
Nataša Briški (foto: Grega Žunič/Viva)

Nataša BRIŠKI – Journalist, Co-Founder of Institute Meta’s List and Editor-In-Chief of Metina lista and Meta Dekleta. In her previous life anchorwoman for POP TV sports magazine show Športna scena, D.C. based foreign correspondent for news programme “24ur”, correspondent for BBC World Report. Author of a book on US presidential primaries “From the Cornfields of Iowa to the White House”. You may find her on Twitter @DC43. And by the way, she hates raisins.


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