Meta PHoDcast #01: Bor Gregorčič, physicist

Jernej Bravničar na drugem delovem mestu: človek in riba. (foto: osebni arhiv JB)

On the use of new technologies in teaching physics with Bor Gregorčič, physics teacher and teaching assistant at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, University of Ljubljana.#MetaPHoDcast

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BOR GREGORČIČ is a teacher of physics currently working as a junior researcher and teaching assistant at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, University of Ljubljana. He researches the potential for active learning in physics classes, prefers to think of problems as challenges and draws inspiration from history and the spark in his students’ eyes. In the podcast, we discuss interactive whiteboards, a classroom resource that most teachers fail to use to their full potential. At any rate, whiteboards are only a tool; the real question is how to introduce active learning into the classroom so that instead of teachers transplanting their knowledge into the students’ heads, students can actively apply what they have learned. Bor Gregorčič’s must-reads include The Making of the Atomic Bomb, a book expertly weaving together history and physics, and Bloodlands, which discusses Europe caught between Hitler and Stalin.

Bor Gregorčič’s PhD supervisors are: Prof. Dr. Gorazd Planinšič, at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, University of Ljubljana, and Prof. Dr. Eugenia Etkina, , at the Graduate School of Education, Rutgers University.

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Author: LUKA AUSEC, holds a doctorate in biosciences and can fluently read DNA – and sometimes literature. Enthusiastic about bending the body and the mind in all directions – and sometimes inwards. Enjoys spreading inspiring ideas – sometimes as tweets.


Translated by: Urša Klinc.

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