Meta PHoDcast #05: Jernej Tiran, geographer

film igra imitacij
Film Igra imitacij (foto: BagoGames via Flickr)

Geographer Jernej Tiran on city life and trips to the River Iška. #MetaPHoDcast

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Jernej Tiran is a geographer. He is currently a Junior Researcher at the Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts. He studies the objective and subjective quality of life in Slovene towns and is an unrelenting proponent of cyclists’ rights. He and his colleagues received an accolade for their work on 2Bparks, a European project that sought to provide information to the general public on the Ljubljana Marshes and the River Iška . They also created the Marsh Bank, a free website containing fieldwork assignments for pupils of all age groups and their teachers and parents that promote spending quality time outdoors. He thinks you should see the Margaret Thatcher film and would like to draw your attention to the Ljubljana Citizens’ Initiative service.


Author: LUKA AUSEC, holds a doctorate in biosciences and can fluently read DNA – and sometimes literature. Enthusiastic about bending the body and the mind in all directions – and sometimes inwards. Enjoys spreading inspiring ideas – sometimes as tweets.


Translated by: Urša Klinc.

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