Meta PHoDcast #12: Miha Zor, art historian

We discuss medieval manuscripts and Slovenian chansons with art historian Miha Zor. #MetaPHoDcast

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MIHA ZOR is currently enrolled in the interdisciplinary Humanities and Social Sciences PhD programme specialising in Art History. His thesis focuses on the legend of the Holy Grail as told and illustrated by illuminated French manuscripts circa 1300. Having studied Slavic Studies and Comparative Literature, he is interested in the interaction between image and text, while his art-historian side is more drawn to the graphic elements of the illustrations and their wider historical context and the globetrotter within welcomes the excuse to travel to some of Europe’s most beautiful manuscript libraries. Miha is also a (young and promising!) radio presenter at Radio Slovenia and a connoisseur of Slovenian chansons. His recommended reading includes Memoirs of Hadrian (Marguerite Yourcenar), Guest the One-Eyed (Gunnar Gunnarsson) and The Day Lasts More than a Hundred Years (Chingiz Aimatov). In light of his love of art in his professional and private life, we cannot hold it against him that he is wholly indifferent to both cats and dogs.


Author: LUKA AUSEC, holds a doctorate in biosciences and can fluently read DNA – and sometimes literature. Enthusiastic about bending the body and the mind in all directions – and sometimes inwards. Enjoys spreading inspiring ideas – sometimes as tweets.


Translated by: Urša Klinc.

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