Meta PHoDcast #13: Jernej Bravničar, biologist

Biologist Jernej Bravničar talks about the conservation genetics of freshwater fish. #MetaPHoDcast

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JERNEJ BRAVNIČAR is a biologist and a researcher at the Chair of Genetics, Animal Biotechnology and Immunology at the Department of Animal Science at the Biotechnical Faculty, University of Ljubljana. His passion for fishing led him to study and work towards conserving fish species in different catchment areas at home and abroad. In his work, he uses advanced genetic typing methods for individual fish and fish populations, having swapped his fishing rod for electrofishing and digging through the archives of major natural history museums. His research focuses on populations of salmonids and he hopes to catch the Adriatic grayling in the River Soča again before he retires. You can find more information on the research and conservation measures for trout species in the Balkans here.


Author: LUKA AUSEC, holds a doctorate in biosciences and can fluently read DNA – and sometimes literature. Enthusiastic about bending the body and the mind in all directions – and sometimes inwards. Enjoys spreading inspiring ideas – sometimes as tweets.


Translated by. Urša Klinc.

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