Meta PHoDcast #17: Jaka Burja, metallurgist

On metallurgy with engineer Jaka Burja. #MetaPHoDcast

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JAKA BURJA  holds a BSc in metallurgy and materials from the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering, University of Ljubljana, and currently works as a researcher at the Institute of Metals and Technology in Ljubljana. He studies and optimises processes in the steel industry and seeks to reduce the leaching of chromium from slag. He patiently explains even the most basic terms because he is well aware that the average person knows next to nothing about the hundreds of types of steel, the world’s most popular manufactured material after concrete. He looks radiant when describing failed experiments in which temperatures in the furnace rose well over 1600°C, melting both the metal and the furnace itself in the process. To him, metallurgy isn’t dirty, and he hopes to own a small metallurgy workshop in his backyard in the distant future.


Author: LUKA AUSEC, holds a doctorate in biosciences and can fluently read DNA – and sometimes literature. Enthusiastic about bending the body and the mind in all directions – and sometimes inwards. Enjoys spreading inspiring ideas – sometimes as tweets.


Translated by: Urša Klinc.

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