Slovenia, here I come

(foto via Wikimedia)
(foto via Wikimedia)

I am not a professional writer, but in these words, I would like to create awareness and try to show whoever is reading my work the Africa l come from. I am called Catherine Nakato, born and raised in a small village in Uganda called Nkozi, before I moved to the capital of Uganda, Kampala, for work.

I managed to do my first degree in Business Administration and Management and a masters (MBA) from my home area which is Nkozi. With love of traveling, I was at least able to move around my country appreciating the beauty it has to offer and what others have to pay for to come and see.

The urge led me a little out to the neighbouring countries and I was able to visit Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Southern Sudan. I did not move a lot in these countries, I was in each for a period of a week tops and I was going around in happening places just like most of the tourists, except Kenya where I had to return for some business.

In my writings, I try to be as open as I can to what is happening in my country and what someone is to expect when he/she travels there today. I write about travels because I love the feel of being in a place for the first time, and the difference between the imagination and the reality. The thrill of either being disappointed or surprised is what makes me write about the travels because l do not want to be disappointed and I guess nobody would appreciate it.

I love listening to talks and I try to attend as many as I can, to listen to what people from different parts of the world have to say about their countries I have never been to and may be never will be. But through their genuine words, I get to paint a new picture of their countries and I can go back and do some more research about their countries.

I am fascinated by topics about women empowerment, entrepreneurship, growth and anything in the same line. This is not because I am a woman, but because there is a strong connection between a woman and a child, both have been vulnerable in African continent over the years. Now anything in relation to women’s empowerment to boost the family keeps me on toes.


Eleven months ago I moved to Slovenia to live with my husband who was then a fiance, so we had to go through the nightmare of paperwork. Whoever has gone through the same knows exactly what I am talking about. But those who do not have any idea, I will give you a hint. The following is required:


Članek je v celoti na voljo na TEJ povezavi.


catherine nakato
Catherine Nakato

Author: Catherine Nakato. She comes from Uganda. Writes a blog xPlorCity, She recently started to co-present on Radio Študent on programme sunrise Africa. Loves fashion and is passionate about Meetups for business, culture and women empowerment.


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