March 2015: Economics ranks as top subject, Svet hosted most female guests

Svet on Kanal A is the current affairs programme which in March hosted the most female guests (40%), while the fewest appeared on Odmevi on RTV SLO (26%). These are the results of the analysis of the gender ratio in seven TV programmes – Odmevi (RTV SLO), Svet (Kanal A), Studio City (RTV SLO), Tarča (RTV SLO), Epilog (POP TV), Danes (Planet TV) and TV klub (POP TV) for March 2015.

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Number of broadcasts – ratio of genders by programme, % women % men

In March, the programmes hosted 204 guests in total, 139 men (68%) and 65 women (32%), which is the highest proportion so far (analyses have been conducted since May 2014).

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Ratio of guests by gender – all programmes, % – men, % – women

Economics was once again the most common subject of discussion in the analysed TV studios (the arrest of Robert Časar, executive staffing of the Bank Assets Management Company, professors’ earnings, the sale of Telekom/NKBM, the control of state property), followed by domestic politics (governmental disagreements, the Veberkom scandal, plagiarism by the Minister for Higher Education, Science and Sport).

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Number of broadcasts by categories economics, domestic politics, world news, sport, society, legislation, culture, health care, the environment, the judiciary, traffic.

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Number of guests – ratio of genders by categories economics, domestic politics, world news, sport, society, legislation, culture, health care, the environment, the judiciary, traffic



  1. In March, Svet on Kanal A hosted the most female experts: 40%.
  2. The lowest proportion of female experts, 26%, appeared on Odmevi on RTV SLO.
  3. The overall ratio of experts in the selected TV programmes in March: 68% M and 32% F.
  4. Economics, domestic politics, world news and sport were the most commonly discussed topics in the analysed programmes in March.


About the Meta Girls project and Kliping, d.o.o.

When we created Meta Girls – the section of Meta’s List founded in the belief that women are made for politics and politics is made for all – we envisaged conducting several analyses that would help us understand predominant patterns and social trends, especially when it comes to the presence of women in the traditional media. We are fed up with the empty debates on gender equality and equal rights held for petty International Women’s Day events. We want to see real change. This is why we decided to examine how the media help sustain or break stereotypes, i.e. how much air-time is given to men and to women.

We have joined forces with Kliping, Society for Media Monitoring and Analysis, which is a sponsor and partner of the Meta Girls project. Every month we monitor seven (7) of the most watched current affairs programmes on Slovene television (Odmevi, Studio City, Tarča, Danes na Planet TV, TV klub, Epilog, and Svet (Kanal A) and note the amount of air-time that is given to male and female experts. We also analyse the questions they are most frequently asked.


Title Photo: via Svet FB page.


Translated by: Nina Maslovarić.