I like the books tell a good story that stays in my head: Pekka Metso

Pekka Metso (photo: personal archive)
Pekka Metso (photo: personal archive)
Pekka Metso (photo: personal archive)

Author: Finnish Ambassador Pekka Metso. Has resided in Slovenia a little over two years. Metso is educated both in Finland and in the US. He has earlier served as a diplomat in Geneva, New York, Oslo and Warsaw. Human Rights have been in the center of his diplomatic career but he also has been earlier engaged in Economics, International Banking and Journalism. His academic background included studies of the contemporary literature as well. In Ljubljana he has devoted a lot of his free time to theatre and sports.

Literature has always played an important role in my life. At its best it opens new ways of looking at things. Maybe my choice of literature is a bit serious kind, and maybe not so much on the entertaining side in its common meaning. Anyhow, I like the books tell a good story that stays in my head.

Recently I have read books whose authors are my friends or at least acquaintances. I am already reading the second time my friend Anne Korkeakivi´s “An unexpected guest” and Miha Mazzini´s “The Cartier Project”.  They both are great stories.

Anne´s book is really intriguing. To me it is psychology above all. It is set into the scene of diplomacy. It deals also about difficult choices, what is right or wrong today may look different later on. Still you often have to make your choices today and then you live with that.

Miha´s book´s main character is simply fascinating. I have already learned that beautiful women are strong movers in this altitude also – whether Nastasja Kinski or Severina.  Miha´s sense of humour reminds me of some Finnish writers. That may be the reason that I easier and faster start living his books in my entire body.  “The German Lottery” did the same to me.

It is really hard to say which books one should recommend. The best is if they are somehow intriguing, kind of not the obvious choices. Books that open a new way of thinking, a new culture, present a person´s world that one is not so familiar with. I have read everything from Hermann Hesse, Thomas Mann, Heinrich Böll, James Baldwin, William Coetzee and Yukio Mishima. I guess that would be my mini library for a deserted island!

I recommend for sure all these books. I hope that older readers are familiar with them already because they have influenced a lot my thinking after I discovered them at the early age. Still, I can pick up any of the books again and find new layers in them – now at the older age.


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  1. says: Eva Tomič

    Have promptly ordered Anne Korkeakivi’s An Unexpected Guest and am looking forward to reading it. Thanks for the recommendations! It is a pity not more of Slovenian authors are not translated, many of them are quite good…

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